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Mondays: Bone Health @ 9:30am & 11:15am

Tuesdays: no classes

Wednesdays: Floor Barre @ 11:15am

Thursdays: Somatics and Yoga @ 9:30am, Barre @ 11:15am

Saturdays: Pilates and Tension Release @ 9:30am, Bone Health @ 11:15am

Sundays: Pilates and Tension Release @ 9am & 11am

All classes are held at Angela's private studio. Please email Angela for details.

About Angela

Angela is a compassionate and gentle teacher who encourages you to show loving kindness to yourself - combining humor, joy, and creativity in her practice.

Angela's private studio classes focus on building core strength - all while helping you to relieve stress, improve posture, and increase muscle tone. Her classes are suitable for all levels, beginners welcome!

Angela’s first yoga experience was in the 70's with her mother, Carol Strickler, who has been teaching for more than thirty years. She remembers really liking the “nap” at the end and, in fact, believes the world would be a better place if we could all take a collective nap.

Angela is certified in both Pilates and Barre instruction and is a recognized yoga teacher.


"I have been a student of Angela's for nearly 10 years. I have taken yoga with many other teachers, but there is something unique about Angela. I think it is a combination of irreverence, compassion, and a thorough understanding of both the physical body and mind. I learn something new in every class and always leave feeling much more happy and relaxed.” - Frank Genco

"A friend insisted I try Angela's yoga class while recovering from a running injury. I am so glad I went! Angela's class was exactly what I needed - a mix of an anatomy/physiology lesson and relaxing Hatha yoga. Since that class I've also taken Angela's running workshop and have been consistently enjoying her Yoga Yoga class and small group Pilates classes. My body has never felt more balanced and in tune!" - Christy Price

"Going to one of Angela's classes is like sitting and having a relaxing glass of wine with an old friend. The only exception is that you are actually exercising! She is informative, funny and gives an awesome workout without leaving you feeling physically depleted. Her teaching style is good for the beginner and is challenging enough for the advanced yogi. After completing one of Angela’s classes I always feel refreshed and ready for the day." - Meg Coulston

Contact Angela

private studio
Austin, Texas

+1 512 296 5620

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